4 Ways Vox FP Stands Out from Its Peers in Regulatory Management Consulting


Here at Vox FP, we know employees are increasingly looking for roles that not only offer exciting work opportunities and competitive benefits but that support the development and health of the employee as a whole. It’s something we’ve been passionate about long before it became a recruiting trend and continue to introduce programs and practices that best support our people both in and out of the office.

We recently caught up with Regulatory Change Analyst Laura Murray who has worked for Vox FP in London for the past year and a half. Here, Laura shares four ways Vox FP stands out from other firms in the industry:

1. Strong Focus on Professional Development
Vox FP is very keen to support employees through professional development courses. When I joined Vox, I began a course accredited by the Chartered Institute Securities and Investments which included three assessed modules on the finance sector and applicable regulations. This provided me with a solid basis of knowledge as I began my first role in the financial industry.

I am now preparing to begin a course on project management, which will help me to draw on the skills I have developed over the span of my current project as well as developing new skills which I can use going forward.

Management is also very keen to hear suggestions from employees and are continually adding to the training program offered.

2. Emphasis on Team Building and Socializing
Vox has implemented an annual ‘Vox Day’ celebration on May 1st, where events are organized across all Vox locations for employees to socialize together as a team outside of the work environment on the client site. This year the London team went to a social bingo event, followed by cocktails.

Vox has also introduced a ‘Health and Wellbeing Champion’ across each location, who will assist with arranging quarterly events for Vox employees, as well as more informal social events throughout the year for employees to catch-up off the client site.

3. Ongoing Mentorship
Vox is supportive in offering a ‘buddy service’ for experienced employees joining a new client site, to help get assimilated quickly into the new role. For graduates joining their first client site project, Vox operates a mentoring scheme, a more formal support structure where more experienced Vox employees will support their mentee in developing new skills and adapting to their role. In this way, Vox is proactive in ensuring that employees have a successful start to their new role.

4. Programs for Giving Back
Vox has an official charitable partner in each of its office locations which allows Vox to give back to the community of those cities. Vox is currently looking for a partner in London which will be a great way for the expanding employee base in the city to connect with our community here.

Interested in learning more about careers at Vox FP? We’re currently hiring in New York, Belfast, and London! Visit https://voxfp.com/careers/ to check out our open positions and learn more about the team.

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