A Day in the Life of a Vox FP employee based in New York


It has become a cliché when describing what it’s like to work for a given company to say that no two days are the same, so instead of repeating that I will do my best to describe an average day of a Vox FP employee based in NYC.


I generally wake up at about 7.30 am and am out the door by 8 (making the conscious decision to avoid the gym in my building – more productive employees may decide to start the day more healthily with a workout). As I live in the Financial District it’s a pleasant 20-minute walk to the office, so I tend to arrive around 8.20 – 8.30.

After having the usual chats with colleagues and attending to any pressing emails or tasks a few members of the team and I will go to the work canteen and grab some breakfast and a coffee before heading back to our desks and getting stuck in. Day to day work tasks will depend on whichever client and project you are working on but generally involve a lot of interaction with figures from many areas of the bank. There is always lots to be done so lunchtime rolls around fairly quickly.


Usually a group of us will wait until everyone has a bit of free time and then go for lunch. Tribeca, where the client’s office is based, has some of the best restaurants and cafes in the entire city so we’ll go to one of our favourite local places and either have a quick sit-down lunch or head back to the office. The sheer variety of places to eat means that boredom is not a factor! Some of the more fitness-conscious among us may use lunchtime to attend one of the free classes run by the in-office gym.

This is followed by a few hours more work and then everyone will step out for a coffee sometime around 3pm. A couple more hours and then it’s time to finish up and leave the office. In a city like New York the day is far from over once work is finished.


Most evenings I would have some form of activity lined up, with friends or colleagues. This could be as simple as going for dinner or drinks, going to a show, or attending a sporting event – personal favourites are the Rangers (hockey) and the Mets (baseball). Tickets to pretty much any theatre, music or sporting event can be purchased at www.stubhub.com

Many Vox employees enjoy partaking in night classes or fitness activities in the evenings, from Soul Cycle to Bikram Yoga and everything in between. If I am in the mood for some light exercise I will normally go for a run up either the Hudson or East River. A great way to meet people is to partake in team sports, and many leagues and teams exist in all sports and for people of all abilities. Manhattan Gaels GAC is a recently founded club which is popular with many Irish people living and working in the city.

Alternatively, some nights a quiet night in is called for – one of the essential must haves for any New York resident is a www.seamless.com account so make good use of that if you don’t feel like cooking.

After that it’s time for some beauty sleep and then another day living and working in the most exciting city on earth.

We are looking for staff to support our clients – from project and programme management and related business analysis, changes to IT systems, risk management, legal and operational processes.

So, if you want the opportunity to work with some of the biggest banks in the world; we want to hear from you.  Send us your CV here.

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