Ascend Now Offers KIDs for FX Structured Products

Structured Products

Our recently launched Ascend product provides PRIIPs Key Information Documents (KID) for structured products. We’ve been asked a few times if that includes increasingly-popular FX structured products, and the answer is now a resounding “yes”. 

FVC, our analytics partner in Ascend, recently detailed the addition of FX structured products to their stress testing platform in a blog post that you can read here, and we worked with them behind the scenes to ensure that KID production for these new products works seamlessly.

The best part is that we were able to do it without any code changes on our end: we added a few elements to our data dictionary for new, FX-specific terms, then used Microsoft Word to modify a few product templates, and we were up and running. 

This is the first new product category we’ve added since we launched Ascend in the summer, and we’re excited to see the flexibility of our design in practice. 

It reinforces our view that Ascend allows structured product manufacturers to accelerate product innovation while improving control.

Download our one-pager here to learn more and visit to see our entire offering.

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