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Vox Financial Partners are experts in regulatory change

Global Consulting

We are a global consulting firm that specializes in navigating financial institutions through complex regulatory changes. We believe financial institutions have traditionally been underserved with technology and overwhelmed with commodity resources and offer companies higher quality regulatory specialists and competitive pricing to plan, resource and deliver major change projects.


Who We Serve

Our primary clients are banks that are continuing to invest in G20 regulatory change (Brexit, Uncleared Margin, QFC, MIFID II) and related technology change. Vox consultants address short- to medium-term resourcing needs in front office business change teams, IT and operations.

Client Need: Building an Effective and Efficient Human Resource

  • Banks are continuing to invest in mission-critical, regulatory-driven initiatives.
  • The Big 4 consulting firms are not as nimble and considerably more expensive than the well-managed contractor model
  • Recruitment has turned into a full-time job for clients and finding a few good resources can take months of effort at considerable cost.
  • The senior end of the market is better served but capable junior resources are hard to find.

What We Deliver


Vox FP is a consulting organization built on a pipeline model for both junior and experienced staff.

Approach to finding talent

We meet your resource requirements from our in-house trained employees and associates and we’re constantly recruiting. Our talent acquisition team evaluates large numbers of candidates in order to find the select few we hire and propose to clients.

Junior Staff

We seek out bright and talented early-career graduates from universities in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, then train them locally prior to assignments on client sites or at our Belfast head office.

Experienced Staff

Vox has a proven model for finding experienced staff using our established associate pool in combination with our extensive professional networks.

Team Skill Set Development

  • Reduce costs without compromising on service delivery​
  • Use existing office location thereby maximizing connectivity and ensuring quality
  • Vox FP trained and managed staff specialized in delivering risk and regulatory compliance​
  • Flex staff numbers easily to meet demand​

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