Delivering the right talent to global financial institutions

We offer in-house consulting to support regulatory change projects.

Our Consulting Approach

This challenging regulatory market needs high-quality, skilled specialists. Vox offers companies quality regulatory specialists and competitive pricing to plan, resource, and deliver major change projects.

We manage global projects by augmenting your existing team with experienced project managers and subject matter experts, supported by highly-trained junior staff, to provide scalable resourcing to meet demand. 


How We help

We work with banks and broker-dealer firms continuing to invest in G20 regulatory change (Brexit, Uncleared Margin, QFC, MIFID II) and related technology change. Vox consultants address short to medium-term resourcing needs including client outreach, operational, and back-office work. We also offer services to support ‘business as usual’ activities, derivatives trading documentation, data extraction and analysis, and more. 

We Solve Three Critical Problems for Banks and Broker-Dealer Firms

Our Approach to Talent

We are built on a pipeline model that's regularly vetting and recruiting best-in-class junior and experienced staff. 

Junior Staff

In a market where capable junior resources are scarce, we are known for finding and training highly-skilled consultants to support a wide-range of business processes. We seek out bright and talent graduates from our partner universities and provide a rigorous training program.

Experienced Staff

We have a proven track record for finding experienced staff using our our established associate pool and extensive professional networks. Our consultants have broad and deep experience on regulatory, business, and technology change management projects, which allows us to bring a high-level of understanding and expert guidance.

Creating the Right Team

Our talent acquisition team evaluates large numbers of candidates in order to find the select few we hire and propose to clients. We staff projects with an appropriate blend of experience and provide the right level of management oversight.

Flexible Staffing Model

We offer a flexible staffing model which allows clients to scale up or down quickly to meet demand.

The Vox Training Program

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