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The end of LIBOR is nigh

We came across this article in The Trade, highlighting a study conducted by risk management consultancy JCRA and law firm Travers Smith, which highlighted that only 2% of asset management firms with exposure to LIBOR have renegotiated their contracts ahead of the benchmark’s withdrawal in 2021.   In our view, this study highlights that firms

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The Advantages of Working and Recruiting in Belfast – The Global FinTech Hub of Choice

Summary: What’s going on in Belfast and why should you care? An overview of the global FinTech hub and why Vox Financial Partners primarily recruits consultants from the area. It’s a common misconception that innovation is new in Belfast. Modernization has been practiced for generations: shipbuilding, rope-making, tobacco farming, and textiles are all end-products of

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Why Are Brexit Job Relocation Numbers So Low?

We recently came across this Bloomberg article about the “Brexit banker exodus that wasn’t.” As Bloomberg reports, “JPMorgan Chase & Co. is likely to relocate about 400 people outside of Britain, just 10 percent of an initial estimate of up to 4,000. Deutsche Bank AG will similarly now move a few hundred bankers to Frankfurt

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brexit Opal: Repaper

Is The Status Quo Our Best Brexit Contingency Plan?

There has been a great deal of focus recently on whether Britain will stay a member of the customs union or single market post their departure of the EU. Because the majority of negotiation to date has been on trade rather than on services, the financial services industry in the UK has been left questioning

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