Logical Construct

Vox and Logical Construct alliance offers customers leading edge technology combined with services and consultancy support to drive successful outcomes for your contract management challenges

Regulatory Change

Common problems: 

  • Identifying all contracts subject to a specific change. 
  • Managing the client outreach process and tracking the update and approval of all contracts. 
  • Ensuring all parties are informed of the status of the change and the current basis of doing business with the client. 
  • Multiplication of required documentation due to regulatory change, benchmark reform and Brexit.


IBOR Transition, Swap Dealer registration, BRRD

Business Evolution

Business changes often drive client contract updates:

  • Moving in or out of businesses, locations or products.
  • Moving clients between businesses or regions.
  • Business re-structuring.
  • Adjustments to business terms.
  • • Adjustment to legal entity capabilities or operating model.
  • Maintaining an overview of transient market events such as rating downgrades or collateral liquidity challenges.

Operational Efficiency

Ensuring control, transparency and efficiency:

  • Managing the business-as-usual contract changes across a diverse universe of clients and contracts.
  • Managing workflow and change approval efficiently.
  • Delivering robust, efficient and effective collaboration across departments.
  • Transition from paper-form to digital documentation.
  • Move towards emerging industry-wide standards such as CDM.
  • Management and overview of legacy documents which may be in different formats or duplicated.

Introducing Lyncs - the most advanced purpose-built contract data management solution for financial services

Experts in Data and Financial Project Delivery

experts in data

We’re experts in transformation around data, finance, risk, and regulation, using cloud and on-premise data warehouses, big data platforms, and FinTech and RegTech solutions. We’ve been helping leading financial institutions in this area for over a decade.

data foundation

Automated Capture

  • Integrated OCR translates legal agreements into data.
  • Automatic document categorization and duplicate detection.
  • Entity detection.
  • Consumes and normalizes data from external platforms, legacy contracts, and handling currently unsupported contract types (e.g., foreign language agreements).

Data is Your Foundation

data foundation

When implementing new products, tackling new regulations, or building enterprise cloud platforms that future-proof your business, getting your data right is the foundation of everything.

The intelligent design of enterprise data solutions is a key enabler of timely aggregation across your business, allowing for efficient build-out of regulatory, risk, and finance platforms. Together with robust reporting and visualization, and minimized preparation time for machine learning, this is all incorporated into data quality frameworks with lineage and metadata at your fingertips.

Whether migrating to the cloud, strengthening automated data management, or overhauling enterprise data for a major regulatory transformation, we can help you get where you need to go.

Library Facilities

  • Store and manage contracts and policy documentation, establishing alerts on key review, obligation and audit dates.
  • Granular capture of all clauses
  • Link data to entity hierarchies
  • Amendment management and processing.
  • System of record created for published internal policies.
  • Complete, trusted counterparty view.
  • Associated contracts and schedules accessible as logical groups.
better bunsiness

Better Business Analysis

better bunsiness

Intelligent, timely business analysis is critical for solutions that last. Our business analysts are solution architects who excel at engaging with your data, systems, and people. When you need the details that matter most, we get to the heart of it.

Project Management: We Take the Initiative

Project management

Success in financial project management is achieved through constructive engagement and relentless execution. Our program management is guided by a decade of agile project management experience, financial subject matter expertise, and emotional intelligence to deliver results for you. We take the initiative.

Workflow and Management

  • Output mapping to CDM standards provides a single, clean source of data to other vendor platforms and in-house builds.
  • Full granularity of non-cash collateral schedules.
  • Dashboards enable what-if analysis modelling and visualizing impacts before they occur.
  • Full drill down to individual agreement clauses from all dashboards and reports.

Data Quality You Can Trust (And We Can Verify)

The goal for every financial project is the absolute assurance of a quality delivery.

We integrate data quality and quality assurance strategies into our project and solution delivery, whether designing robust test and migration plans, building custom repeatable test solutions, or defining end-to-end automated DQ checks and frameworks for enterprise data deliveries.

The only purpose built contract data management solution for financial services

Designed from inception to meet the demanding needs of banking clients. A drop in replacement for failed in-house attempts to solve the contract data challenge; a strategic thinkers alternative to the flood of single use contract analysis platforms.

Strengthen Your Data Management Program with Fully Integrated DCAM

Data best practice meets fintech innovation. Flexible, high-value data consulting and solution design, by financial experts