Opal is a flexible, modern platform for document creation and management

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Introducing the Opal platform

Opal is an advanced suite of web-based tools and templates, created to manage standard Microsoft Word documents. It was built to help organizations better create automate, and manage documents across the enterprise. 
Opal’s powerful API can be easily integrated into pre-existing applications and workflows, creating a seamless and significantly expedited process.

opal platform

Your Role

Opal offers teams across the organization a modern, easy-to-use application to mass produce, automate and manage documents – solving many different business challenges. Select your role below to see specific Opal use cases and drop us a line to set up a demo.

Business Head/COO

Replace manual processes, expensive consultants and time-consuming workarounds.
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General Counsel

Simplify and accelerate the contract negotiation and repapering process.
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Regulatory Change Manager

Satisfy your documentation needs faster, with fewer staff and more control.
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Business Technologist

Support the rapid evolution of business and regulation while managing costs.
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Operations Leader

Reduce manual documentation edits and increase client satisfaction with Opal.
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