Ascend for Structured Products

Streamline the production of structured products documentation

Ascend Structured Products Analytics & Documentation

Ascend is a fixed-price service for unlimited, fully automated production of structured product documentation, including PRIIPs Key Information Documents.

It is designed to solve the challenges of the evolving structured products marketplace.

The past few years have seen ‘click-to-trade’ platforms drive smaller ticket sizes, higher volumes, and expectations for near-real-time turnaround of bespoke client documents – while increased competition requires the cost per document to be managed.


A more modern approach

Ascend combines Structured EdgeI, Future Value Consultant’s (FVC) proven PRIIPs calculation platform, with Opal, Vox Financial Partners’ powerful document generation platform to deliver a powerful unified solution that automates structured notes document generation, providing:

Ascend’s API provides straight-through processing from customer systems to generate KIDs and other documents automatically from predefined templates. Ascend’s Word-based template author provides a simple approach to adding and changing templates, accelerating new product development.

Templates are crafted by Vox’s Service Delivery Centre in Belfast, which also manages the overall service.

How it works

Adopting Ascend is a simple process:

Top 3 Benefits

“Nothing in the market today offers robust analytics, a powerful document generator, full automation – and a fixed price for unlimited documents. We think it’s perfectly suited to the continued growth in ticket volume driven by new technology in the structured products market.”

Terry Robinson, CEO of Vox Financial Partners

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