Manage the end-to-end repapering process with Opal: Repaper

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Introducing Opal: Repaper

Opal: Repaper is a lightweight, easy-to-use application that helps financial services institutions repaper their clients more quickly and efficiently through bulk automation.

Opal: Repaper replaces ad-hoc tools and spreadsheets with an integrated web application. Built on Opal’s powerful document creation and management platform, Opal: Repaper automates and manages the end-to-end repapering process including the bulk creation of client documents, document negotiation workflow, and execution of final terms. Opal: Repaper also provides management with the MIS needed to manage complex repapering exercises by means of a dynamic dashboard.

  • Dashboard showing state of outreach by client type/outreach step
  • Content neutral template-driven document creation
  • Structured documents containing semantic metadata
  • Single repository, common API for retrieving structured document data
  • Provides management with a detailed view of the progress of the outreach
  • Provide consistency, simplify the document production process, and allow for automation
  • Allow extraction of data to feed other enterprise systems or reports such as margining or client reference data platform
  • Reduce time/cost of extracting document data and allow for automation. Enable easy integration into existing enterprise architecture and workflow

Dashboard view of outreach process

  • Configurable dashboard allows the complete repapering exercise to be managed from one view
  • Configurable workflow allows banks to set up their own workflow steps
  • Banks pre-populate the environment with client data including tiering and contact information
  • Legal/legal docs manage the creation of the updated templates
  • Banks map clients to the Templates they require repapering with
  • Fully integrated with email: as and when docs are Sent to Client or Executed, the state is reflected in the dashboard
  • Clearly shows bottlenecks in the process

end to end papering solution

  • Bank prepares the updated contracts in Template Families e.g. ISDA, QFC, Email Templates using Opal: Template author – a MS Word-based add-in
  • Content Controls are added to represent variable elements and/or client-supplied data
  • Amended contract data is prepared in Excel or made available to the Opal: API
  • This bulk data is used by Opal: Document Generator to batch-generate updated contracts
  • Documents are shared with the client for review, completion, execution
  • Single dashboard shows details on number of documents that have been sent out to clients and their current state allowing for full oversight by management