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Service Delivery Centre

You need smart, trusted people to successfully manage critical business processes outside of your institution’s walls, while maintaining a first-class experience for your clients.

Vox’s Service Delivery center offers high-quality staff, overseen by an experienced Vox executive team; secure, dedicated office space with VPN access to our clients’ systems; and a cost-effective and scalable resource model.

Our Service Delivery Centre consultants specialize in compliance testing, AML/KYC, client outreach, help desks, documentation processes, (e.g. IBOR repapering), and more.

People, Process, and Technology

We offer a modern, three-pronged approach focused on people, process, & technology.  We have access to a talented workforce, but we see process and automation tools as the key to handling growth without just adding people and cost. We use a three-pronged, integrated framework to maximize cost savings, productivity, and efficiencies:

  • People: We hire highly skilled consultants and specialists and include executive level oversight on each project.
  • Process: We consistently evaluate the processes we manage to identify opportunities for efficiency and cost-savings.
  • Technology: We’re well-versed in the best and most efficient technology platforms to support our business process objectives.

Client Need: Building an Effective and Efficient Team

Highly trained staff
Highly-Trained Team
deep industry knowledge
Deep Industry Knowledge
Senior management
Senior Management Oversight
.Continuous process improvement
Continuous Process Improvement
Rapid and Scalable resources
Rapidly Scalable Resource Pool

Best-in-Class BPO

  • Flexibility in Staffing: Our scalable model can quickly flex to support seasonal or other variations in business demand, without impacting your headcount.
  • Value: Our Service Delivery Centre is based in Belfast, a location with an abundance of high-quality, cost-effective talent.
  • Operationalization: We define, document, and refine repeatable processes to support efficient, predictable service delivery.

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