Vox Financial Partners Launches Graduate Programme


Vox is delighted to welcome its first intake of talented graduates from the UK and Ireland. This team, who joined us in September, adds a great deal of passion and energy to our culture and the work we do for our global banking clients. For some, it was their first time interacting in a live office environment as we are starting to re-open our offices.

Meet some of our new colleagues:

Alexandra Leitch – Queen’s University Belfast

I graduated this past summer with a degree in Business Economics. As part of the course work, I spent an optional year working as a student project manager at an Antrim NI-based technology company called Sensata Technologies. The role included managing several projects, tracking monthly KPIs, carrying out monthly project review meetings, and analysing data using PowerBI.

During the first week at Vox, we had several introduction meetings with senior managers, making me feel more comfortable. We also shadowed different team members to gain insight into their daily roles. Our graduate team created a presentation for senior management on security-based swaps and LIBOR. This allowed me to collaborate and get to know the others, which would not have been as easy to do online. After the first week, I started a Microsoft Project training course, and now I am studying for the Investment Operation Certificate.

Christopher Greenlee – Swansea University

I graduated with a degree in Business Economics and spent a year in Canada studying at Carleton University in Ottawa. I previously worked at software company Kainos for two years in their Workday ecosystem.

My experience at Vox has been very positive so far. During the first week, the team was given the task to create a presentation around LIBOR and security-based swaps and present it to senior management and several others within the company. Colleagues from both the LIBOR and Security-based swaps teams held calls with us to explain how the teams operate these business areas. Vox also held a social meet-up at Whites Tavern to chat to people from all over the business, some of whom were based outside of the UK. This was a great way to introduce myself while enjoying a bit of normality.  Now I’m working on the integration workstreams for the acquisition of Vox by Treliant while my background checks clear to do client work.

Eve Quigley – Maynooth University

I graduated this year with a degree in Law and Business and came across Vox while searching for a graduate position. I was immediately intrigued by the range of experience and opportunities on offer. The role felt like a good fit for me as it would utilize the skills I gained from my degree and introduce me to new areas, allowing me to grow and gain a better understanding of the industry and my own career goals.

I have enjoyed my time so far at Vox. The first week was spent meeting my fellow graduates and various members of the team. Everyone was extremely welcoming and approachable and made the induction process easy. Since then, I have completed training courses and started preparation for the IOC qualification. I have recently joined a client project and am looking forward to getting involved and gaining hands-on experience.

Nathan Cartmill – Heriot Watt University

I spent the past five years at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, studying for a degree in Finance and an MSc in Investment Management. Before joining Vox, I had a 3-month internship at PwC in 2018.

It has been an enjoyable experience meeting the other graduates, my current project team, and the senior management, alongside many other staff at the summer BBQ. Over the first few weeks, I took part in a presentation to senior management with the fellow graduates, completed numerous training courses, and then joined a new project team.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with some of the biggest banks in the world, please get in touch with James Mahon at james.mahon@voxfp.com. We’re looking for a select few, but if you make it through, you will be rewarded with training in the finance, regulatory, technological, and operational aspects of investment banking. At Vox, there is room to grow in your role and a world to experience.

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