What it’s like to work at Vox Financial Partners

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We are a fast-growing company with a burgeoning reputation for our energizing and innovative work culture.

In the past two years, new headquarters, clients, and software products have supercharged our growth as regulatory change consultants for some of the biggest banks in the world.

To get a better feel for what it’s like to work at Vox FP, we’ve asked employees to help tell the story. Here’s what they have to say about working with us.

Overall, we do well by our employees

Two values stood out when we asked our team to describe company culture: caring and ambitious. We take a practical approach to training and developing our consultants while offering a competitive salary and benefits packages. There are also opportunities to live and work in New York, London, and Belfast.

“Vox cares about their staff and client base. As a growing company, they continually invest in people who want to strengthen their skills and search for growth opportunities.”  

Whether it’s a mentorship program, certification courses, or personal development, we stand by our employees when they want to grow.

Successful consultants at Vox FP are self-starters. If you want to do something that’ll help you provide better client services, then do it. We’ll be there to support you.

“I’m proud to work at Vox because they strongly believe in helping employees develop themselves professionally. They’re even sponsoring my work to become a CFA, and I’m extremely thankful for that.”

Employees say they are stimulated by the work environment

No two days are the same at Vox FP. Consultants feel that they are challenged and can escape the monotony of traditional work roles. Working with the biggest banks on regulatory change teaches them how to achieve big goals in little time.

“No two projects with Vox clients are the same. The variance in client demands and needs creates an energetic and interesting environment.”

But that’s not all. Consultants also report getting up close and personal with new technologies and project management approaches.

“My present project at Vox is giving me a closer look at machine learning in finance and even introduced me to agile project management at the same time.”

Employees say there are plenty of opportunities to build on their skills

If you find your niche within Vox, there’s plenty of room to grow.

“Vox has given me the opportunity to complete my PRINCE2 Project Management Certification. Allowing me to build on my project management skills. Vox’s support has not stopped at one qualification, they open the door to a range of certifications that help me become a better consultant.”

We’re also open to learning about new certifications that can help accelerate your career development.

“I appreciate Vox paying for my Level II CFA because they recommend a different certification to consultants. They are always happy to help along the journey. If it makes business sense, they’ll go ahead with helping you get new certifications.”

Consultants report a healthy work-life balance, with a few late nights here and there

Our Consultants work with some of the biggest banks around the world. While flexibility and hours depend on the client, consultants typically work from 9 am to 6 pm.

“My days can vary depending on client needs. While working to meet deadlines, hours may be a little longer, but Vox generally expects a normal nine-six work day.”

Compared to some of our employees’ previous jobs, they enjoy being able to see family and friends.

“Some days you have to work late nights, but compared to previous jobs, my manager has been the most reasonable. I used to work 14-16 hour days, however now my normal is 9. Now I can hang out with my family, see friends, go to the movies, go for a run.”

While others enjoy going to shows and exercise.

“Personally, I am an avid gym goer and male physique competitor, so I unwind at the gym 5 days a week. I also play soccer once a week and often go to Broadway shows.”

Employees enjoy working abroad with competitive pay and benefits packages

Because Vox is an international firm, there are ample opportunities to live and work abroad without sacrificing wages.

“The opportunity to return to America, specifically New York, has been exciting for me. From early on in my undergraduate degree, I always wanted to work in international markets. Vox helped me achieve this goal by placing me in New York.”

“Vox makes sure its employees have competitive compensation and a benefits package. All these actions show that Vox deeply values its people and is committed to helping them develop professionally.”

And when asked what makes them proud to work at Vox FP…

“It’s exciting to be involved with a company from early on in its lifecycle. Having previously worked at a Big 4 consultancy firm, I’ve found it energizing and interesting to be a part of a fast-growing startup.”

“What makes me proud to work at Vox FP is their strong belief in helping employees develop themselves professionally.”

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If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with some of the biggest banks in the world, we want to hear from you. Click here to upload your CV and to learn more about the opportunities that are available at Vox.

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